Sale of used woodworking machines

AMAC di Stanghellini, a leader in providing woodworking machinery, has also a wide selection of top brands in used machinery. These items come from disconnected activities such as carpentry, judicial court auctions and trade in.

This way, equipment such as tools and systems, both traditional and special find a second life, thanks to a skilled team and professionals who constantly search the best bargains for their selected clientele. AMAC di Stanghellini offers its own experience and an expertise acquired through over 50 years of activity to guarantee quality, safety, and the best economic conditions for woodworking machinery.

This is why AMAC di Stanghellini has become synonymous with reliability, seriousness and honesty.  Clients show their loyalty first by their satisfaction. This comes from the maximum effort of company resources invested in all activities, including the search for the best second hand woodworking machinery