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AMAC by Stanghellini

Amac Stanghellini of the year 1960

Dealers of machinery and tools for woodworking and carpenters recognize AMAC Stanghellini as a trusted and most serious partner. For over 50 years, the company, which has its headquarters in the province of Mantua, has been a leader in the trading of equipment and instrument systems. These are both new and second hand, ideal for all those activities that require technology for the processing of wood such as furniture, door and window frames and for the manufacturing of objects.

AMAC has a very important distributional strength, built over the years thanks to its ongoing partnership with leading manufacturers of machinery for wood in the market. The company has about 40 employees working throughout a total surface, indoors and outdoors of 60.000 square meters which is composed of warehouses, workshops, stores for small parts and offices.

AMAC products are collected in a large catalogue: starting from traditional to special machinery, such as machining centres that replace common equipment, as well as a rich assortment of small parts and tools. Furthermore, the company is equipped internally with a large fleet of vehicles enabling deliveries all over Italy, as well as a modern loading and unloading system by crane and with trucks fitted with lifting equipment. This ensures delivery times, reduces transport costs and offers the highest safety in operations.